Facebook Ads Strategy 2019: Secret 7-Figure Targeting Method

Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Ads. Does it work? Well, in this post I hope to shed some light on this topic, while offering you some killer information. Time to unleash what is known as my secret Facebook Ads strategy for 2019.

No seriously, one of my viewers took this exact same strategy and generated over $10,000 in just about 2 weeks! Don’t believe me? Check out his post below:

I cut his name out for privacy reasons. But ya, this strategy I’m about to reveal definitely will give you insight on how CPA and affiliate marketing can work on Facebook Ads.

While Facebook constantly is updating their ad platform, it is almost impossible to edit these posts with up to date data. That’s why I recommend you subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay updated!

Anyways, I’m first going to tell you that Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Ads does work. But you have to take the approach of creating an email list.

As in, you never want to directly promote an offer in a Facebook Ad. What you want to do is offer something like a free ebook in return for an email address.

Then using the power of email marketing, you start promoting products to your email list. This way, you never risk getting banned on Facebook for not following their advertising rules.

The video below shows me finding an affiliate marketing CPA offer on Facebook and how I am able to figure out how this affiliate is targeting.

Affiliate Marketing CPA Targeting Method

In other words, pay close attention to the secret targeting strategy that is in this video. It will show you what interests to target by spying on what other affiliates are targeting.

No spy tools, just a really smart way of doing things manually. And remember, one of my viewers took this exact same strategy to make money with cpa marketing, which is essentially another form of affiliate marketing.

Hope you enjoy, and let me know if I can clarify on anything by leaving a comment below!

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