Best CPA Offers: How To Find Them WITHOUT Spy Tools

CPA Marketing in A Nutshell

CPA Marketing seems to have become a growing interest to many aspiring affiliate marketers lately. Well, in this post I’m going to show you how to find the best CPA offers out there.


First off, what is CPA Marketing? CPA marketing is simply a “cost per action” marketing method. Essentially, instead of promoting products and trying to get a front end sale, your job with this method of marketing is to simply generate a lead for a business.


In other words, companies will pay you a small commission, ranging from a few dollars to even something upwards of $50 for a lead! The best part is, you don’t have to sell anything, you simply bring in a potential customer for a business.


This is great for beginners just starting out with trying to make money online because being a cpa affiliate means you don’t have to get the customer to pull out their credit card for you to get paid. Crazy right?



If you’re more of a visual person, I’ve linked a video I created explaining exactly what will be in this post so feel free to check that out as well.


But without me rambling on, let me show you how I actually go out and find cpa and affiliate programs that pay you great commissions. Because at the end of the day, the fastest way to success is to see what is already working and model off of that.


I made another post explaining how to do this with an amazing spy tool called AdPlexity, but this post is for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money, and simply want to spy manually on cpa networks and campaigns that you can replicate (and improve on).


Method of Promotion

One of my favorite ways to promote the best CPA offers is through something called a native ad. If you go to a news site like The Good Men Project, you’ll see standard articles like this:



If you scroll down to the bottom of the article, you’ll see a section that looks like this:



These articles at the bottom, aren’t really articles from this exact website. These are actually called native ads. They are simply ads that look native to the look and feel of this website.


The powerful thing here is that most average people don’t even know these are ads. They simply think they link to another relevant article. This makes these ads very powerful because they get tons of clicks and have high click through rates.


Now you might ask, okay well how am i going to find cpa offers because none of these ads look like anything is being promoted. And to that I’ll say you’re right.


The thing is, I’m located in the United States. As in, I’m viewing these ads as if I were someone browsing the internet in the US. The thing with native ads in the US is that, on large sites like this, companies with large advertising budgets dominate this ad real estate.


Advertising in the United States can be tricky, and costs a lot of money for cpa marketing beginners which is why I almost never tell people to promote CPA offers in the United States. Instead, you want to target other quality English speaking countries.


In fact, many smart marketers already know this and promote their offers outside the US. This makes it easy for us to go find the offers those affiliate are promoting.

So how do we do it?

Well, you use something called a VPN. A VPN essentially allows you to browse the internet as if you were located in a different country.

My favorite VPN out there is the HMA Pro VPN. It’s great because they have a mobile app that I also use to test this exact strategy to find mobile campaigns on my iPhone.

So now with this in mind, we simply fire up our VPN, to let’s say a country like the United Kingdom.

Now that we are in the UK (virtually, not literally), we refresh the original news site we were on. As you can see below, the native ads are now changed to a different set of ads being shown to people browsing the internet in London, UK.

More specifically, the arrows I made are pointing to cpa marketing campaigns. How do I know this? Well, after doing this for a couple years I have a trained eye for stuff like this. But the telltale sign here is that these ads are offering some sort of quote.

You’ll see ads that are in the realm of insurance, car quotes, or anything that seems to offer a “free” check on something.

In this case, we can see an ad that says “...if you don’t have life insurance you better read this.” Being an affiliate marketer myself, I can tell that this ad will promote some sort of insurance offer.

Once we click on the ad, we can see it sends us to an advertorial, otherwise known as a landing page made to look like another news article.

If we scroll down to the bottom of this landing page we can see this:

This option to get a free quote, is essentially a CPA offer. Once we click on the button we are sent off this affiliates landing page, and straight to the offer.

This is a CPA offer that is paying out this affiliate whenever they get someone to fill out this form for a free quote on different life insurance plans. There is no selling, and the user doesn’t even have to input their credit card.

At the bottom of this form, the user then clicks the button for their free quotes, while you get paid a commission by the company offering this cpa offer.

Now the next step is to find what cpa networks this offer is on so we can go and promote this same offer for ourselves.

How To Find The Best CPA Offers & Networks

The url of this offer is from a company called Reassured. You can even see the name in the top left of the offer page.

With this in mind, we head over to a cpa lookup site like and simply look up the term “reassured.”

Here you can see that one option pops up. Now if nothing shows up, just try another cpa lookup site like offervault or odigger. Last case, if the offer doesn’t show up, figure out a way to directly contact the company and ask them how you can promote their offer.

Sometimes there will even be more than one affiliate networks promoting the offer, so you can find other affiliate programs that pay even higher commissions.

Anyways, you can see that this offer shows up, so let’s click on it.

Once we click on the cpa affiliate program, we can see everything about the offer. If we want to promote this exact same offer, it’s on the ReveneueAds cpa network. So, we can simply make an account there and get access to this offer. At the same time we can see that the pay out is 20 pounds.

With the exchange rate today, that’s a whopping $26 commission! All just for someone filling out this form to get a free insurance quote.

And there you have it, how you can find the best CPA offers with no fancy spy tools. Besides getting HMA Pro VPN, which is only like 10 bucks a month (also has a free trial), this strategy is virtually free.

You can also test different websites and locations to keep finding hidden cpa gems on the internet. Doing this also gives you an idea of what type of landing pages you should be creating to promote these offers.

Now, if you’re new to CPA Marketing, you might think, how am I getting paid over $20 when I’m not selling anything… wouldn’t the company be at a loss?

Well no, actually.

The company offering this opportunity for you to make money knows that it costs them $20 to bring in a customer to their business. Meaning they’re prepared to take this lead and eventually convert it into a paying customer worth a lot more than $20.

The company takes a loss today, just for you, in order to make a lot of money in the long term. Pretty cool stuff right?

Well, I hope you learned something new today, and don’t forget to check out the video on this post because it will explain more things in greater detail that I may have skipped over in this post.

Let me know if I can clarify on anything by leaving a comment below!

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