Back in 2015, I started my first online business. It was a clothing brand. After selling my laptop to pay for 50 shirts to be made, I launched my site. And to my surprise, no sales. In fact, I made absolutely zero sales and my clothing line was a complete bust. After that experience I realized what was missing. Marketing was missing.

Anyone can make a product or provide a service. It’s how well you market that product that determines its success. Marketing is everything when it comes to telling the marketplace why your product is a need.

After my first failed business, I went off to start 6 more online businesses, all of which profited from day 1. So how did I do it? I studied everything about branding and marketing.

​As my businesses grew, people asked me how I did it. And I decided to start Marketer Milk to reveal everything that I know.

​Treat this website as a Marketing weapon. A great marketer has many tricks up his/her sleeves. On this website you’ll find all my YouTube videos in an organized fashion. Everything from the phycology of selling, to learning product research, and beyond.

​I hope you’ll learn something new!

Omid Geek